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Scott Gold Gets In On Da Smokin' Hot McClure's Action

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The Advocate's resident carnivore, Scott Gold, heads over to new Uptown hotness McClure's Barbecue for a one-week-in review and finds a line out the door and some very amazing, porn-worthy smoked meats and house sauces. "McClure's passion for all things barbecue is outspoken and clearly in evidence at his eatery," Gold writes.

Sounds like he gorged himself on the entire menu, noting the exceptional brisket? described here as having "peppery black bark on the outside and a bright red smoke-ring, an unmistakable sign of low and slow smoking"? plus Carolina-style pulled pork, chaurice sourced from Cajun Country, smoked chicken and all the killer sides described after the jump by pitmaster Neil McClure.

"I wanted to do traditional, authentic barbecue, but without those canned sides that every one of them has. I've been in gourmet food my whole life, so I wasn't going to do things half-assed, so to speak. My macaroni and cheese is from scratch, the baked beans take six hours to put together, we shred all of our slaw by hand because pre-shredded cabbage tastes terrible. I shred my own cheese, because pre-shredded cheese has all that cellulose fiber in there to keep it from caking, I mean ... no thanks."

That, and basically what's not to love about a guy who refers to himself as a pitmaster, not a chef, and who grew up barbecuing with a "pretty redneck" rig consisting of a washing machine motor and a car axle. McClure's is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday-Saturday, 11:30 until they run out of food. Oh yeah, and expect to wait in line.

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4800 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70115