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More on Noodle & Pie's Menu Offerings, Prices, More

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Noodle & Pie hasn't even been open one week yet, and the self-proclaimed ramen snobs are already taking to Yelp to rant, rave, and porn it up with pretty crappy menu pictures that, alas, cut off half the good stuff. Anyways, here is a look at the ramen selection, and also some of the small plates offerings, and the brief, sweet pie menu.

Meanwhile, chef Brian Armour tells NoDef, " "We'll have a house bowl and a vegetarian bowl that are kind of mainstays, and our categories will be seasonal... We'll have seafood, naturally, because that's in our backyard." The ramen is made in house, obviously, and they're all about sourcing locally. Armour also says they're doing housemade Japanese style miso pickles.

Ian McNulty also reports that N&P shoudl usually have four different soups and pies available, along with the snacks/small plates, despite the frequently changing menu. Prices hover around $3 to $11. Also, they serve beer, wine, and sake.

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Noodle & Pie

741 State Street, New Orleans, LA 70115