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Best of Mid City Dining, 5 Places for Onion Rings, More

MID CITY? Todd A. Price takes a look at the history and growing dining scene along N. Carrollton this week, particularly the area surrounding the Rouse's/Winn-Dixie war zone. His top 12 Dining Options include Rue 127, Venezia, Angelo Brocato's, and more. []

LAPLACE? Laplace Frostop just celebrated 55 years of business, all of them under the ownership of the same family, the Tolers, who are now on their third generation running the family business, reports The TP. []

NOLA? Lorin Gaudin listicles her 5 best bets for onion rings this week, including Ye Olde College Inn, Rocky & Carlos, Charlie's Steakhouse, Desi Vega's, and Joey K's. [CityEats]

Angelo Brocato's famous sign [Photo: Josh Brasted]