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Sue's Evolution, Upperline Wine Dinner, And More

NOLA? Saveur's Editor in Chief/Top Chef Masters judge James Oseland documents the "Evolution of Sue Zemanick" this week on his Bravo's blog, and he only has flattering things to say about New Orleans favorite cheftestapants. [Bravo]

UPTOWN? The iconic Upperline restaurant is hosting a wine dinner on Wednesday, September 11, featuring Sonoma's Repris Vineyards sommelier Brent Sloan, who'll pour wines usually only available at the winery. Upperline chef Dave Bridges will pair to amaze, in other words, first course is champagne and cracklins. $80 all inclusive. Call (504) 891-9822 to reserve a spot. [EaterWire]

NOLA? Presale Tickets for Emeril's crazy fun benefit Boudin Bourbon & Beer end this Saturday, August 31st. The presale tickets are $75. After August 31st, tickets are $99. Just sayin'. [Eaterwire]

METAIRIE? Todd A. Price reports that Atomic Burger, a new upscale burger drive-through is heading to Metairie in October. Joe and Nick Spitale are launching the drive-through in hopes of offering elevated fast food fare with daily ground burgers, sliders, twice cooked fries, edamame, and mind blowing molecular milk shakes made with nitrogen. []

Sue Zemanick [Photo: Josh Brasted]