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Zemanick Eliminated?, The Extraordinary Gerard Maras

GRETNA? Today fast food workers across America on striking, and the New Orleans area is no exception. The Times-Pic reports that "a group of about 50 people rallied outside McDonald's in Gretna beginning at 6 a.m." this morning. []

NOLA? Spoiler Alert: Looks like Sue Zemanick may be OUT on Top Chef Masters. Dave Walker questions if the cheftestapants will return to the show next week or not. []

NOLA? Blackened Out boy and Offbeat contrib Rene Louapre takes an in depth look at the way chef Gerard Maras has influenced so many great New Orleans culinary heavyweights such as John Harris, Aaron Burgau, and the Rushings, this week. [BlackenedOut]

Slade and Alison-Vines Rushing's MiLa [Photo: Nikki Mayeux]