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Habana Outpost Runs Into Signage Trouble; Best of NOLA

FRENCH QUARTER?Pizza Domenica's proposed plans for an Uptown location weren't the only wave-makers for city commissions this week. The Vieux Carre Commission's unabashedly finicky Architectural Review Committee removed several obstacles in front of the proposed spot for Habana Outpost, the controversial Cuban restaurant Sean Meenan is looking to open on the corner of N. Rampart and and Esplanade. Three members of the board voted to eliminate parts of Meenan's original plan, which was for Meenan to take over at 1040 Esplanade Ave. as well as 1310 Rampart St. Lingering concerns about a billboard on the property also surfaced in the meeting, though the billboard is apparently still on the table so long as Meenan uses it only for non-profits. [NO Def]

EVERYWHERE?Brace yourself for second-guessing arguments this weekend with your amateur foodie friends. Gambit released its "Best of New Orleans 2013," food edition, offering you a category-by-category top three eatery guide for the entire New Orleans metro area. With so many excellent contenders, it bears mentioning that this year's best kid-friendly spot has basically had the 12-and-under demographic on lockdown for the past decade: Chuck E. Cheese. [Gambit]

FRERET?Here's a tear-jerking, cockles-warming report from WWL's Paul Murphy on the special fundraiser Dat Dog held on Monday to benefit Davon Walker, the Tulane safety who suffered a spinal cord injury in a game against Tulsa last year. [WWL]

UPTOWN?Police are searching for a man named Juan Parke, who was recently identified as a suspect in an