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Grape Vine

Oak.jpgThe Scout Guide offers a glowing write-up of hyperlocal wine bar/eatery/music venue/art gallery, Oak, Uptown's spot for wine on (you guessed it) Oak Street. Owners Shawn Haddad and Katie Winters wanted a locally-focused wine venue, and, gosh darn it, they seem to have pulled it off: "Everything about this bar is local – the interior design, art, food, music, and even a few of the wines and beers! Aaron Burgau of Patois designs the menu. The walls rotate local artists including Ashley Longshore, Amanda Talley and Shelley Aucion. Katie hand picks all of the music, and after living in the Quarter for 5 years, this girl knows a thing or two about live music. This bar is a place you can go to listen to live music, before 11 pm." [The Scout Guide]