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Paw Paw's Honey, NOLA Problems: The Popeyes Edition

KENNER? Say, brah, The TP reports that there's a Kenner Wine and Food Event on October 3 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Chateau Golf and Country Club. The poolside event features tons of local restaurants/vendors and will benefit Raintree Children and Family Services. []

CENTRAL CITY?Judy Walker reports that SoFAB's new Culinary Library will be opening at 1609 OCH on October 30: "The joint project with the New Orleans Public Library will be the largest cookbook collection in the South," in a 1,200 square foot space on the same block as Cafe Reconcile.

CHALMETTE? Ian McNulty interviews beekeepers/local vendors of Paw Paw's Honey, Dorothy and Alcee Mouton, this week, and discovers that at 92, Alcee Mouton still mows his yard. [Gambit]

NOLA? Brett Will Taylor ponders a specific NOLA problem this week in his NolaVie piece, "To Popeyes or Not to Popeyes?" [NOLAVie]

[Photo: flickr/morebyless]