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MF's Ice Program, 5 Awesome Game Day Brews, More

UPTOWN? Owen Courreges weighs in on the War on Go Cup banter this week: "Just because we're not discussing proposed legislation doesn't mean that we should accept the city at face value when it says 'move along, there's nothing to see here.'" [UptownMessenger]

BYWATER? Another reason to drink at Maurepas Foods, reports Anne Berry, is that Brad Smith and company have just started an ice program, including a cocktail that features a robust cube made with distilled water, decaf rosehip tea, and a pinch of citric acid. [WhereYat]

NOLA? The Beer Buddha has a special Who Dat Nation listicle of Five Awesome Louisiana Game Day Brews this week. Making the crunk cut are NOLA Houpitoulas and NOLA Brown Ale, Bayou Teche LA 31 biere pale, Abita Amber, and Tin Roof Blonde. [BeerBuddha]

Maurepas Foods [Photo: Josh Brasted]

Maurepas Foods

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