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Where to Eat Now, Doyle's Secrets, More on Camellia Grill

NOLA? Gautreau's, Toups' Meatery, Peche and more restaurants make the 100 Places to Eat Now, The Checklist on Southern Living's The Daily South blog this week. [DailySouth]

BYWATER? Maurepas Food's chef Michael Doyle reveals New Orleans Chef Secrets: The Best Places to Eat in NOLA on Conde Nast's The Daily Traveler this week. His top picks include Tan Dinh, Iris, Pizza Delicious, Twelve Mile Limit, and more. [CNTraveler]

UPTOWN? Robert Morris reports that the City has "agreed to study whether to designate the Camellia Grill a historic landmark, a minor victory for the beloved restaurant's new owner in the ongoing legal battle over its name." Richard Webster of The TP has more on the legal side of the story as well. [UptownMessenger,]

The Camellia Grill [Photo: Josh Brasted]

Camellia Grill Uptown

626 S Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118 504 309 2679