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Pip Brennan Files a Motion to Dismiss a Motion To Dismiss a Lawsuit, Got That?

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There's motion in Pip's ocean this week, and it's rockin' the Big Pink something nasty. Brennan's-medium Doug MacCash now reports that Pip Brennan has filed a motion to dismiss cousin Ralph Brennan's motion to dismiss Pip's lawsuit against Ralph's entity Leggo/4. In other words, somebody needs to leggo this eggo, and it's going to take a federal judge to decide. According to The Times-Pic:

In the Wednesday (Aug. 14) motion, Pip argues that in the legal machinations surrounding the closure and sale of the iconic property, he hasn't had a chance to fully present his case. If he gets his chance, Pip says, he'll prove that his brother, Theodore "Ted" Brennan, his rival for control of the family business, and Ted's daughter, Bridget Brennan Tyrell, had joined forces with Ralph and partners in LEGGO / 4 to assure that the restaurant fell into Ralph's hands.

Meanwhile, Bridget Brennan Tyrell and Terry White of Leggo/4 have both denied Pip's accusations? and even Ralph Brennan has claimed he tried to inject capital into the sinking business, but was denied, for the past two years? though Pip claims to "have emails, phone records and witness testimony" against them. He also claims that Ted 'would reap an enormous personal benefit from the uncontested foreclosure' of the Big Pink.

After the restaurant's financial instability was revealed in late 2012 via trips to the auction block and lawsuits over outstanding debt, Pip and his shareholder friends duked it out with Ted and Bridget for months, finally managing to overthrow Ted and Bridget for control of Brennan's in June, but by then the property had already landed in the hands of Ralph Brennan and Leggo/4, seemingly legally. After that, Pip was basically unable to work out a lease agreement with them, and employees showed up to find themselves locked out and unemployed, all this after months of enduring weirdo behavior (including the infamous squabble in the lobby) between Pip and Ted. Needless to say, relations between all sides have been about as hospitable as a croc pit for a while now, or as the TP writes...the "blood runs cold." Indeed, brother mine.

Also, if you have received an NSF or Closed Account check from Brennan's, please contact Nick Geraci at the District Attorney's Office for information. Email for information regarding worthless checks.

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