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More on Padma's Picks, Voodoo Fest, Bourbon Galore

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NOLA? The Times-Pic has more coverage on Padma's Picks, Bravo's Top Chef prequel which ends with Justin Devillier and Michael Sichel moving on to Top Chef Season 11. []

CITY PARK? Voodoo Fest is right around the corner, y'all, (Nov. 1-3, actually) and this year is certain to be extra scary with the new addition of The Cure, alongside headliners Pearl Jam and Nine in Nails. Please leave the bath salts at home. [Gambit, MySpiltMilk]

CBD? NoDef reminds everyone that Sunday, August 18, is the Burgers, Bourbon, & Beer and if you ain't heard about their fundraiser for Second Harvest Food Bank yet, it involves lots of burgers under one roof and you eating the hell out of them. With booze. For a good cause. More info/tix here. [NOLADefender]

QUARTER? Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House has been selected as one of America's 55 Best Bourbon Bars by The Bourbon Review: "With almost 100 Bourbons to offer, this certainly is a house of Bourbon. Coupled with the service and culinary standards you expect from the Brennan name, this place is a must stop the next time you're wondering through the French Quarter." [BourbonReview]

Company Burger, reppin' at Burgers, Bourban & Beer [Photo: Nikki Mayeux]