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Drew Brees Target of Fake 'Cheap Bastard' Controversy

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Drew Brees has been the target of seemingly unwarranted internet shaming this week over an alleged bad-tip he left at a California restaurant that turned out to be on a takeout order. Parasitic gossip blog The Dirty spawned the faux controversy by posting a receipt that shows Brees left a $3 tip on a $74 check at the the Del Mar Rendezvous and calling him a "cheap bastard," thus inciting troll outrage and further coverage from sporty gossipers The Bleacher Report. Brees quickly put the kabash on the ordeal via Twitter, insisting that the receipt was from a takeout order and thus not requiring the 20%+ tip that he would leave if dining-in.


Meanwhile, the manager of the restaurant has released an apology, praising Brees, and stating that take-out orders usually don't garner a tip anyways.

The Gambit has gone a step further into the tipping-on-takeout debate sparked by this whole debacle, asking local service industry people in "a completely unscientific poll" if they believe take-out orders should garner a tip. The results vary, with some restaurateurs, chefs, and servers saying they don't expect tips on takeout, and other calling no tip "messed up." The overall consensus is that Breesus isn't a bad tipper and that most takeout "customers leave less than 10% or nothing at all."

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