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Brennan's Employees Anticipate NO Final Paycheck

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Former Brennan's employees are fearful they won't be getting their last paychecks, and gathered in front of the Big Pink landmark on Friday, July 5, to "publicize their plight," Doug MacCash reports. Apparently, the employees received a paycheck the day before the iconic restaurant on Royal Street closed without warning, but it doesn't cover all of the wages from June. Some wait staff is also owed weeks of credit card tips as well.

Former employee Katherine Coon tells The TP, "They said they have no money to pay us, and they directed us to file for unemployment." She also tells NoDef that "the most disturbing part is that it is mostly tips for the wait staff, not wages. This is actually tips that we made two weeks ago." Coon says she "sides with Ted Brennan" and family in the ongoing dispute because "they were taken as much as we were."

Meanwhile, the brother who taketh away/recently banished Big Pink dictator Owen "Pip" Brennan has released a statement from his secret lair, deflecting blame for the missing Who-hash onto both his cousin/new-owner Ralph Brennan and his ousted manager bro Ted Brennan. The statement:

We did not close Brennan's restaurant. Its closure was a shock to us too. Concerned parties should call Ralph Brennan and or Terry White, the new owners of the building who are responsible for closing Brennan's restaurant, or Ted Brennan who caused the financial chaos that led to the building's sale. We had regained control of Brennan's only three weeks before the closure. Our goal is to reopen at 417 Royal Street or another location as quickly as possible and bring back all our employees.

Smells like another lawsuit may be brewing, but only time will tell. Let's just hope these people get paid, as their final paychecks are due this Friday, June 12.

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