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Love It or Hate It, Here's Serendipity's New Menu

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More on the chef shuffle over at Serendipity now, with Ian McNulty reporting that Chris Debarr left the ten-month-old restaurant due to "creative differences" and is in fact heading to Houston for a restaurant consulting job. Meanwhile, new chef Gabriel Beard has already switched the menu up entirely, and McNulty was able to snag a copy, which you'll find after the jump.

The menu is a total departure from Debarr's psychedelic signature small plates. The name of the game is now modern American (mainly Southern) comfort food? including lots of Gulf seafood? served in starter and entree portions, not surprising since Beard has honed his skills under comfort-expert Susan Spicer, as well as Frank Brigtsen. Serendipity has posted some entree porn on the Facebooks, but there's not too make Likes happening over there.



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