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Freret Gets Its Very Own Bagel Shop

Here's yet more proof that, despite the gripes T-Fitz has with its restaurants' supposed pretensions, Freret Street will soon be the best place to weather the impending zombie apocalypse. The Uptown Messenger's Robert Morris reports that Freret will soon be getting its very own bagel shop, courtesy of D.C.-transplant Casey Mackintosh.

Humble Bagel will settle down on the 4700 of Freret between the Full Blossom Chic Consigment Boutique for Women with Curves (set to open August 24) and Mojo Coffee House, occupying a build that, according to Morris, is "over 100 years old," and had been planned as the spot for a Funky Butt nightclub reincarnation. Mackintosh says he plans to offer all sorts of fancily-flavored cream cheese (such as praline or pecan), and intends to use part of the building as a temperature-controlled room for his bagels and cream cheeses.

With the addition of a bona-fide bagel shop, Freret seems to have reached critical eatery mass. All it's really missing now is its own macaroon/exotic tea shoppe, but that can't be too far away, can it?

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