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Robert Peyton Finally Visits Atchafalaya; Dat Dog in Top 10

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UPTOWN?Haute Plates food blogger extraordinaire Robert Peyton finally got around to wandering off the beaten path over to Café Atchafalaya, the cozy, wharf-adjacent Uptown restaurant, where he enjoyed a reasonably-priced three-course menu. It seems that Peyton has been successfully proselytized?he raves about the dining room's spacious intimacy, and about a menu full of inspired riffs on Southern classics, such as fried green tomatoes: "Fried green tomatoes aren't exactly cutting edge, but when you top perfectly executed slices of unripe tomato with lump crab and a spot-on remoulade, you've got a classic." [Haute Plates]

EVERYWHERE?Speaking of converts, this year's Tales of the Cocktail has evidently minted at least one new whiskey-drinker. Continuing her post-Tales coverage, Culicurious blogger Addie K. Martin wrote an essay/review of the bourbon/whiskey/rye/Scotch-based cocktails she enjoyed during Tales, and how they helped her to see the truth of our murky Lord and Savior, darker-colored spirits. Martin's conversion narrative, up there with anything by Cotton Mather, begins thusly: "I realized that I can and do like whiskey (whisky) and that what I didn't like was the way I'd been having the spirits. When mixed into a well-made cocktail, I really do like bourbon, rye, and [S]cotch." [Curlicurious

FRERET & MAGAZINE?Take this with however many grains of salt you use to make your Fox News perusing more palatable, but the much-maligned news organization has, in honor of National Hot Dog Day, ranked New Orleans' very own Dat Dog number four on the top-ten list of national hot dog joints. From the listicle: "Opened in a 475-square-foot building that was originally a shed, its mouth-watering food is highlighted by its range of sausage choices and condiments, including mustards, guacamole, wasabi, sauerkraut, and homemade chili." High praise from the purveyors of, ahem, fair and balanced news. [Fox News]

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Inside Atchafalya. [Photo: Facebook]

Dat Dog

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