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Travel Writer Had a Blast Being Naked at The Country Club

Travel guides about New Orleans (or any city, really) from outsider perspectives can be a mixed bag. They usually tread complacently on old information, and are easily scoffed at by locals who, by virtue of their zip codes, know better than any outsider (no matter how earnest or well-intentioned) ever could. It's rare that a dining or bar guide hits most of the right notes, which is why a recent where-to-booze-it-up-in-NOLA Business Insider guide from travel blogger Jessica Festa is such a pleasant surprise.

Festa, the editor of the blog Jessie on a Journey, has included most of the truly excellent cocktail bars currently slingin' sophisticated mixed drinks in New Orleans. Cure, French 75, Bar Tonique, and The Three Muses all make the cut, as well as some neighborhood-transcending faves such as The Saint and Bacchanal. There's even a glowing mention of the Bywater's favorite ongoing naked pool-party, The Country Club:

At the Country Club in New Orleans, you can experience what it's like to party with your clothes off — literally...Once you get used to it, it's actually pretty easy to go up to strangers as you would at a normal bar and have a conversation. In fact, it's almost as if people are trying really hard to act natural and not stare, as I actually get more leers when I go to clubs fully clothed. It was a really liberating experience and something I highly recommend when visiting New Orleans.

Ain't no party like a no-pants party, 'cause a no-pants party don't stop...until one trudges back through the terminal at Louis Armstrong. I'm pretty sure pants are required there.

· Where the Locals Drink in New Orleans [Business Insider]

Live music at Bacchanal. [Photo: Facebook]


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