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What's the Best BLT Sandwich in New Orleans?

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 Satsuma, home to a couple of kick ass BLTs
Satsuma, home to a couple of kick ass BLTs
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We're wrapping up Greasy Spoons Week here at Eater, but before we stuff all the greasy goodness in a styrofoam container and take it to go, there's one final question for all you dear readers, and it's quite possibly the most important of the week: What's the best BLT in New Orleans? Whether it's traditional, or slathered in goat cheese and avocado, or even on some fancy herb focaccia, Eater wants to know. Tell us the best BLT you've ever had in the city, what's on it and where you get it, and we'll do the mapping.

Leave a comment or hit us up via the tipline, and have a great weekend, and remember, y'all, take it greasy out there.

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