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More Chefs Weigh In on Their Favorite Greasy Spoons

Ryan Prewitt of Peche: "My all time favorite greasy spoon is Ernestine and Hazel's in Memphis. It's a dive bar that makes one thing? The Soul Burger. It's a greasy, delicious cheeseburger that's served with a bag of chips. The setting is an old brothel that they barely cleaned up. They serve Budweiser downstairs and liquor straight out of a plastic jug upstairs. It's just about as classy as it gets."

Brian Landry of Borgne has only three words: "Tic Toc Cafe."

Michael Gulotta of Restaurant August: "Greasy spoon always means late night to me. Since I started working in restaurants I've always lived in Mid-City, so the Bud's Broiler on City Park Ave. is THE last resort after a late night of either working the line or drinking for a greasy burger, fries and a cold beer."

Greg Sonnier of Kingfish: "Clover Grill. The Hub cap cheeseburgers with grilled onions, French fries. I love to take guests to this one of a kind NOLA dive not only for fine, greasy fare, but for a little late night entertainment as well."

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