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A Look at Casa Borrega, the Salvaged Luchador of OCH

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[Photos: Josh Brasted]

Here's a look at Casa Borrega, Central City's newest stop on the train to boomtown, featuring authentic Mexican street food, cocktails, and enough found-treasures to make Ariel, the hoarding Little Mermaid jealous. Co-owners Hugo Montero and Linda Stone refurbished the 19th Century house into a totally green dreamland (Stone is actually a co-founder of the Green Project). Everything is salvaged, recycled, and repurposed including the handmade tables, rad album covers, skulls and more skulls, the stained glass, and iron chandeliers. There's also a large patio out back which has already played host many an event including a Dinner Lab.

Casa Borrega officially opened as a restaurant on July 4th, and now features an abbreviated summer menu available Thursday through Saturday nights, with Mexican street food like antojitos, gorditos, tostadas, and more. The menu should be full-fledged by fall, including breakfast and lunch.

Also of importance,Judy Walker points out that:
Casa Borrega is a benefit corporation, or B Corp, one of the first six in the state. The new type of corporate entity "applies as we grow," Stone said. "Our primary motive is not profit, although, of course, that's very important. But we can equally value environmental, social, artistic and cultural initiatives. That's the idea." So expect lots more on the cultural front, including the fundraisers, food truck rallies, and community involvement Casa Borrega has already become known for, even before they officially opened their doors to the public.

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Casa Borrega

1719 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard, , LA 70113 (504) 427-0654 Visit Website