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Brennan's Closes For Good, May Become New Concept

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This is just really sad news: Doug MacCash of the Times-Picayune reports that the Big Pink home of beaucoup bookoo chicken and family feuding, Brennan's, has been shuttered as of Friday morning, June 28. In a rather shocking twist, the new owner of the space is none other than Ralph Brennan? Ralph's on the Park/Redfish Grill restaurateur, and cousin to the Big Pink's cantankerous managerial-duelers, brothers Pip and Ted Brennan. Apparently, Ralph Brennan has been the magical mystery partner in new mortgage-holder Leggo/4 all along, purchasing the foreclosed property at auction for $6.85 million in May.

Ralph Brennan tells the TP that he has tried to help the Big Pink out of financial ruin for the past two years, but "offers to inject capital into the company" like Creole butter sauce into a cold, dead turkey were all rejected. And while Ralph Brennan claims to have purchased the foreclosure to "keep it in the family," he has been unable to reach a lease agreement with Pip Brennan, and therefore evicted him and the entire Brennan's staff instead, with plans for "bringing the building back into commerce soon."

The really horrible thing here is that Brennan's employees? like Tyrone and the Drop It Like It's Hot kitchen gang? found themselves locked out of the restaurant and out a job on Friday. But apparently Pip knew the eviction was imminent after rejecting the lease agreement, and failed to notify his staff. From a press statement via Ralph Brennan:

Brennan's was given proper notice, knew the deadline, and made no effort to contest the proceedings. Therefore, it should have come as no surprise yesterday when Brennan's was evicted from the building.

It is regrettable that they chose not to inform their employees that closure was imminent but I am committed to working with interested employees to find employment where possible.

There's no word on what the new restaurant will become, or if it will reopen as the iconic home of Bananas Foster 2.0. Even if the famous rooster matchbooks remain, at least the infamous cock fighting is done for now.

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