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Chris Debarr Leaves Serendipity, Might Move to Texas

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Photo: Josh Brasted

Times-Pic super-scooper Todd A. Price reports that the eccentric bard of New Orleans' culinary world, chef Chris Debarr, has left his newest restaurant Serendipity after only nine months of business, and is most likely moving to Houston, Texas. Apparently, Debarr took a sick leave for the past month, and has decided not to return to the Mid City restaurant he opened with Bar Tonique's Ed Diaz in September of 2012 in the American Can building.

Serendipity's new chef is Gabriel Beard, who has honed his skills under superchefs Frank Brigtsen and Susan Spicer, and will switch up the cuisine to "more approachable" American comfort food. Ed Diaz tells the Times-Pic that the odd location combined with Debarr's rather "challenging" dishes (or as T-Fitz renders them: "eclectic experimentation") made the highly-anticipated restaurant into a difficult sleeper with a lot of tables to fill, despite the popularity of Debarr's previous restaurant Green Goddess. Diaz says they'll still offer "whimsical, crazy food" as specials, but seeing as the self-proclaimed madman/chef/poet known for that cuisine is now gone, such promises seem a tad peculiar to some. But Serendipity tells their wary Facebook doubters that Beard's new menu is already selling out, and asks Debarr fans not to give up hope on the restaurant:

We are keeping a few things from that great mind of Chef Chris Debarr. As well as still being an owner Chris will very much be involved in Serendipity, after all Serendipity is still his baby. We hope you do not give up on Serendipity. Chef Gabe will amaze with his menu once given the chance.

Debarr has already been "doing stuff" in Texas, including at least one pop-up dinner. But there's no word on any definitive plans as of yet.

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