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Pravda Closes While Space Becomes Cane and Table

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Take a FINAL look at the bar formerly known as Pravda, because it's now officially closed, and any remaining hints of Soviet kitsch will soon be covered up by a nice island tan. Yes, on Sunday night, a who's who of local guest bartenders? including French 75's Chris Hannah and a slew of 'keeps from Tivoli & Lee, Sylvain, Ste. Marie and more? said goodbye to Cure Co.'s transitional pop-up Perestroika at Pravda, as the bar will now become rum-mecca Cane and Table.

The man behind the plan/rum-maniac Nick Detrich tells NoDef that the decor will be "something a little more bright and welcoming than the dungeon-like atmosphere that was Pravda." But don't expect any tikis hanging around, rather more of a "Cuban décor, drawing upon the Spanish influences that we already have here."

Chef Adam Biderman, who supplied P@P with Ruskified small plates, has already revealed that he will turn to Cuban and Caribbean influences for his new menu. Expect a quick turn-around, mostly likely with the operation ready to roll by next month's Tales of the Cocktail.

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Cane and Table

1113 Decatur Street, , LA 70116 (504) 581-1112 Visit Website

Cane And Table

1113 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116