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Leonardo Trattoria Looks Like It's Becoming Cibugnu

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Photo: -ENOLA-

All the signage at Leonardo Trattoria is down, tables and chairs are arranged haphazardly on the sidewalk and the windows are covered in paper, indicating that the sleeper Italian restaurant nextdoor to Herbsaint is no longer open. BUT a cryptic sign that reads 'Cibugnu'? with a silver NOWFE medal attached? hangs in the doorway, and it appears that the restaurant is currently undergoing a big old switcheroo.

The upcoming Cibugnu looks like it will still be headed up by chef Octavio Ycaza? who recently won NOWFE attendees over with corn mousse stuffed homemade raviolis, according to the Advocate. There is already a Cibugnu Yelp page and website, which promises a wood fired oven, hand made pasta, free range beef, al fresco dining, and more 'Italian from Scratch' goodness.

The phone number on the website is the same at Leonardo's, and while Eater's calls to the restaurant haven't been answered, their voicemail still has a "Leonardo Trattoria" greeting. Eater will keep you posted as we find out more about this switcheroo in the Warehouse District. As always, if you know anything about upcoming Cibugnu, or have any other tips you might want to share, send them to Tips are greatly appreciated.

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