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Brennan's Reportedly Locks Out Employees

Outside Brennan's.
Outside Brennan's.
Photo: Official Website

Could the long and torturous Brennan's Saga be coming to an ignominious end? Maybe, according to WWL's Dave Cohen, who reported earlier this morning that employees arriving for work at the French Quarter mainstay said that the restaurant's doors were inexplicably locked. Yikes.

Cohen further explains that phone calls to Brennan's were answered with a message of "closed for the evening." That message goes on to list regular business hours, adding, "We look forward to speaking to you in the morning." A general panic has gripped Brennan's Facebook friends, but Blake Brennan told WWL's Sheba Turk that the restaurant is merely closed for the weekend until the family can "speak to attorneys on Monday."

If we were talking about (almost) any restaurant other than the Big Pink home of family dysfunction, we could maybe, possibly, fingers-crossed say that WWL is jumping to conclusions. Brennan's, however, has been the battlefield for an ongoing family feud, which recently culminated in an auction sale of the property for $6.85 million to its mortgage holder Leggo/4, and the June 10th ousting of father/daughter managerial team Ted Brennan and Bridget Brennan Tyrrell.

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