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Ian McNulty Finds a 24/7 Falafel Joint

The medical staffs toiling away in the CBD are no doubt thrilled to hear that not only is Mediterranean café/convenience store hybrid Cleo's open 24/7, but that it also, according to Ian McNulty's recent Gambit review, makes some tasty falafel.

Opened by Aubrey and Tarek Madkour back in May, Cleo's went with a 24/7 business model in order to "cater to more needs in the changing CBD." Translation: the CBD is busy, you guys, and someone needs to feed all the hungry hospital staffers and medical students roaming the medical complex early in the morning. Which is how McNulty came to be acquainted with Cleo's breakfast offerings:

Cleo's also serves a small menu of American-style breakfast dishes, with smoked beef or turkey fashioned into sausage and bacon to replace the usual pork. And there's the "yummy Egyptian breakfast," a $6 platter of sesame falafel, mashed fava beans, sliced tomato and cucumber, pickled eggplant and pita bread. Cleo's serves Egyptian tea and Turkish coffee along with other soft drinks.

Though Tarek, a hospitality veteran, worked in hotel management in his native Egypt before coming to New Orleans, Cleo's is his first restaurant venture, but a positive mention from McNulty definitely bodes well for the future

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[Photo: Flickr/Karen Apricot]

Cleo's Cuisine & Convenience

165 University Place New Orleans, Louisiana 70112