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T-Fitz Gets YouTube Shamed for His Bad Lasagna Review

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Mike Coscino, the proud musician/lasagna purveyor of the eponymous Coscino's in Mandeville, used the democratic grandstand we call YouTube to dispute a vaguely negative review Tom Fitzmorris gave Coscino's famous flagship (it's featured on the homepage) lasagna. The review isn't quite official?T-Fitz posted it on his own site, The New Orleans Menu after what sounds like a terrible day spent mowing the lawn and sifting through stupid emails. In other words, T-Fitz seems like he might have been in a bit of a stormy mood when he wrote bluntly after his first taste of Coscino's lasagna, "Well, it wasn't very good."

That casual (and evidence-free) dismissal really irked Coscino, who wrote up a whole speech to defend his family lasagna's honor, and then read that speech for five whole minutes in a YouTube video called "Tom Fitzmorris, Shame on You." Now we're talking! J'accuse, T-Fitz, of careless criticism! However, what starts out as a promising jeremiad (Coscino initially alludes to a secret agenda that T-Fitz has to tear down Coscino's in order to satisfy the Coscino's competitors that advertise on his site), quickly devolves into a disjointed invitation for viewers to try the lasagna for themselves and then tell the rest of the Internet how wrong T-Fitz was about it.

If you can endure the whole thing, there's a gem of strangeness towards the end when Coscino goes all psychoanalyst on T-Fitz's apparently exhausted reservoirs of self-esteem, assuring T-Fitz that he and all the folks at Coscino's are praying for him. Whatever you say, dude. On a more playful note, Coscino's added a Tom Fitzmorris lasagna special to its menu.

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