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Mandeville's July 4th Seafood Fest, Locavore Dining

NORTH SHORE?Just in case you're not thoroughly tuckered out from a busy spring of festivals, the Mandeville City Seafood Festival is about to invade Fountainbleau State Park July 4-5. Festival producer Nick Chetta has boasted that there will be "round-the-clock music," adding that musical acts will be strategically placed to perform in spots where they'll attract the most food vendors. []

WAREHOUSE DISTRICT?Yes, the heat is outrageously, hellishly oppressive. You can hardly go outside without immediately turning into a slippery sweat and body-odor monster, but Abita is working on a solution. It should be ready by this Friday, June 28, when Abita re-releases its Satsuma Harvest at Fulton on Tap at 6:00 pm. Bring your battery-powered hand fans. [Twitter]

WAREHOUSE DISTRICT?The month-long Eat Local challenge may be winding down, but a Mano is planning one last locavore hurrah on Wednesday, June 26 at 6:30 pm. Chefs Nick and Mike Stoltzfus from Croquette have created a special five-course menu for a locavore dinner that includes a preliminary hour-long cocktail hour. [a Mano]

Mandeville Seafood Fest. [Photo: Facebook]

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