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The Quarter Could Soon Get Three New Restaurants

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Here's some exciting news for the French Quarter: three new projects go for approval before the Vieux Carre Architectural Review Committee tomorrow, June 25, and the rumor is that they're all going to one day emerge from their larval planning stages as beautiful restaurant butterflies.

According to the Times-Pic's Richard Webster, the litany of projects includes proposed renovations at 411 Bourbon Street, 510 Toulouse, and 622 Conti. Mike Sapardo and Timothy Terrell (owner and architect, respectively) have applied to renovate the Toulouse spot "in conjunction with a change of use from vacant to restaurant," which makes the possibility of a restaurant there seem a little more imminent.

The other two projects include restaurant industry vets?Moe Bader, the owner of 411 Bourbon (recently home to the strip club Little Darlings), owns the Ocean Grill of "Kitchen Nightmares" infamy, and Joel Dondis, the applicant for 622 Conti, owns and operates Grand Isle and Sucre, and formerly Le Petite Grocery.

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