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Eater's Guide To The Coolest Snoball Flavors (& Booze!)

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Josh Brasted

It wouldn't be Eater NOLA Snoball Week 2013 without a guide to the city's hottest flavors of sizzurp? syrup, for those of you who don't speak C-Tates proficiently. From kid-friendly to refined adult flavors (and even some super boozy 21+ versions), here are the coolest snoball flavors to try this summer.

rainbow.JPG Rainbow at Hansen's [Todd Voltz]

All Ages
Cream of Nectar: The king of snoball flavors. Cream of Nectar/nectar cream is available at pretty much every stand, usually blending almond,vanilla and mystery fruits, but Hansen's does it best. As an Eater reader says, "We non-Hansens blessedly get to enjoy the fruits of this secret knowledge, shared with us in cups of perfectly shaved ice layered with delicious elixirs...nectar of the gods."
Chocolate: Metairie hotspot Casey's is known for this flavor, as is Ro-Bears in Harahand, and at Beaucoup on Freret, they actually use Smith's Creamery Chocolate Milk for all you Eat Local Challenge folks out there.
Rainbow: The kid favorite. There really isn't a stand you can go wrong ordering this tooth-rottingly sweet array of flavors. Eater suggests SnoWizard or Hansen's.
The Joker: Kind of like rainbow, but with a mixture of all the berry flavors. Get this one at Sal's or SnoWizard.
Silver Fox: Almond and vanilla together at last. Get it at Pandora's or SnoWizard.
Satsuma, Nectarine: Hansen's satsuma is a fan favorite. Plum Street is also known for their nectarine flavor.
Blueberry: At Beaucoup Juice, the natural blueberry snoball won't turn your child's tongue into a radioactive slug from outerspace.
Orchid Cream Vanilla: If you've never visited Plum Street, this signature creamy and flowery vanilla snoball is the only thing you should be concerned about trying.

rosehip6%3A21.JPG Rosehip Raspberry at Piety Street [Todd Voltz]

Rosehips Raspberry: This Piety Street special is a delicate blend of not-too-sweet natural flavors. Sipping one is kind of like having a New Olreans summertime version of high tea. Very dainty. Eater suggest adding creme flavor to this one.
Cardamom: When Hansen's introduced their wild, spiced flavors, they were onto something. Blend this flavor with Satsuma, and get ready for your mind to be blown.
Ginger and Cayenne: Lady of the Snoball Ashley Hansen calls her dynamic duo of flavors "icy and spicy." It's a brain-freezer and a chest-burner, not for the faint of heart.
Pineapple Mint: This all-natural Beaucoup Juice specialty is a favorite at Freret Street Fest, and all summer long too.
Vietnamese Coffee: The mac daddy of snoballs, Piety Street's Dave Rebeck literally douses a snoball in freshly brewed Vietnamese coffee. You will not be sorry.
Buttered Popcorn, Dill Pickle: These SnoWizard concoctions take flavoring to the bizarre new level of Jelly-Bellyness with buttery popcorn and a make-ya-pucker dill pickle.
Grasshopper: Spearmint, chocolate and cream. Order it at Pandora's.

Snoballs--2.jpg Gettin' crunk at Cure [Josh Brasted]

21 and Over
Cucumber Gimlet: Over at Restaurant August, pastry chef Kelly Fields has somehow managed to freeze a gimlet, the gin and lime juice cocktail? here, made with Local melons, aleppo pepper, and lime fizz? into a fluffy snoball dessert, available now.
Absinthe-Lime: French Quarter restaurant Green Goddess is known for their liquorballs, including an absinthe lime flavor, and strawberry St. Germaine, among others.
Strawberry Hibiscus: In the Bywater, Booty's Snow Dome cocktail (perhaps named after Algiers Point's snoball stand?) is made with strawberry, lime, hibiscus, orange flower and allspice, served over a snowy ice ball.

Don't see a flavor or boozy snoball that deserves to be on the guide? Leave a comment or send us an email, and Eater will add the worthiest.

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Green Goddess

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