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Snoball Fight: Voting Starts Now For Semis, Round 2

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New Orleans is home to many a snoball stand, from shacks to sheds, and carts to festival tents. So many places get it right, or just don't?; but we all have a favorite? so now it's time for you, dearest readers, to vote for the Best Snoball Stand in New Orleans.

Voting for this Snoball Fight started on Monday. Here's how it works. Eater has gathered 16 worthy nominees from snoball afficianados, like those commenting on our last Friday Open Thread. Four rounds of Quarterfinals have narrowed down the competition to eight remaining semifinalists. From here, voters will narrow it down to four finalists, but only one snoball stand shall come away victorious. Each round is only open for 24-hours, so have at it.

Semifinals Round Two starts now. In this round: Piety Street, Hansen's Sno-Bliz, Casey's, and Sal's.

Poll results

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Hansen's Sno-Bliz

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