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The Upstairs Lounge Musical; Sante Fe Tapas, A Nuisance?

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MARIGNY? The Upstairs Lounge, a gay bar where 32 people were tragically murdered when an arsonist set fire to the building in 1973, is the subject of a new play that premiers tomorrow night at 8p.m. at Cafe Instanbul (in the Healing Center, 2372 St. Claude Ave.). Wayne Self's 'musical drama' Upstairs runs until June 24. Today, the Upstairs Lounge building houses a bar called The Jamani. [Advocate]

CENTRAL CITY? Robert Morris reports that Sante Fe Tapas may be facing nuisance charges before the Alcohol Beverage Control board sometime soon. You may recall that Sante Fe neighbor the Daiquiri Place was shut down last year, but apparently neighbors believe that even though there's not as many dudes partying and pulling wheelies on crotchrockets out front, noise and other issues still have not 'dissipated' on St. Charles Ave and Thalia St. [UptownMessenger]

NOLA· Locavore madness continues over at NoDef with contributor Lauren Zanoli dabbling in the Eat Local Challenge for a week to see if poor, starving writers can also afford to eat local: "Eating local on the cheap definitely requires a certain time commitment – but most of that is time spent cooking at home." [NOLADefender]

Sante Fe Tapas [Photo: Yelp/Kris A.]