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Eater NOLA's Snoball Week 2013 Starts Now

It's hot as hell out, and it's quite possible you're knee deep in locavore-mania, but have no fear. Respite is here. Yes, today kicks off Eater New Orleans' first-ever Snoball Week. We'll be covering all things snoball, from the brilliant minds behind the frozen concoctions to where you can find the most unique flavors in the city.

There will be maps, interviews, sizzurp (a.k.a. syrup, y'all), and, of course, an epic Snoball Fight to crown the best snoball stand in New Orleans. So, let's get this thing kicked off right. What's your absolute favorite snoball in New Orleans? Hit the comments or send us a tip.

[Photo: Josh Brasted]