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Snoball Fight: Voting Starts Now, QF Round 1

A snoball is not a sno-cone, those inferior curmudgeons formed from rock hard ice pebbles incapable of retaining flavor. A snoball is not 'shaved ice,' though at least the purveyors of those still-inferior frozen concoctions actually try to make their ice softer. A snoball is a New Orleans' wonder? fluffy, sweet, creamy if you want it to be, and always mind numbing, which is imperative when it comes to combating the intense heat of summer in the 504.

That being said, New Orleans is home to many a snoball stand, from shacks to sheds, carts to festival tents. So many places get it right, or just don't? but we all have a favorite? so now it's time for you, dearest readers, to vote for your favorite snoball stand in New Orleans.

Here's how it works. Eater has gathered the nominees from snoball afficianados, like those commenting on Friday's Open Thread. There will be four rounds of Quarterfinals. The top two in each round will go onto the Semis. From there, we'll narrow it down to four finalists, but only one snoball stand will come out of this Snoball Fight a winner. Each round will be open for 24-hours.

Round One of the Quarterfinals starts now.

Poll results

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