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What's Your Favorite Snoball in New Orleans?

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Photo: Josh Brasted

For this week's Friday Open Thread, we turn our attention to summer's hottest commodity, The Snoball. Yes, that frosty, sweeter-than-sweet-tea New Orleans melty delicacy. Most often served out of some colorful shack in your neighborhood, with a line of people waiting in the scorching hot sun to get their brainfreeze on, snoballs truly are the most satisfying of summer eats. So Eater NOLA wants to know, what is your favorite snoball in and around New Orleans? What is the best snoball stand, the best flavor (or flavors), and what makes it all so dang good?

From Uptown to Metairie, this Snoball Fight starts now. Hit the comments, or the tipline, and have a great weekend.

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