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Two Men Rob a Home While Drinking Hand Grenades

Here now is video surveillance of two men breaking into a home in the Quarter this week, and robbing the residence while holding hand grenades. "Not the kind with explosives, the kind with alcohol," reports WGNO. Seriously. The resident of the home in the 900 Block of Bourbon was sound asleep inside while the two men stole a laptop and a briefcase, all while drinking and smoking cigarettes. They also attempted to steal a bike, but were probably too effed up to do so. The men then sat on the front stoop of the home and "took inventory" of their loot.

The police are still searching for these nefarious drunkards, so if you believe you know a white guy and a black guy around 25-25 years of age, with a penchant for getting bourbon faced on shit street and breaking into homes, now is the time to call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111. The white guy also looks like he has a knack for cutting the sleeves off perfectly good t-shirts, so there's that. They also left behind their cigarettes butts, which along with the video surveillance, will now be used as evidence against them. It's believed that the duo were 'lolligagging' around the Quarter, checking homes for unlocked doors until they found one.

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