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Brett Anderson Will Return as Time-Pic's Food Critic

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Rejoice, for Brett Anderson's return to New Orleans food criticism is nigh. Yes, The Times-Picayune reports that Anderson will resume his position as head bean-giver in September, after a year spent studying at Harvard with a Nieman Foundation journalism fellowship and making most New Orleans' food lovers whimper with separation anxiety. During his time at Harvard, Anderson has studied "the role food and restaurants play in communities during crisis" and culinary arts' role in late 20th Century American culture, and he's also teaching a class on Food Writing there this summer.

But wait, there's more critic-shuffles happening at the TP. Susan Langenhennig, who went from fashion-to-full-time-restaurant writer in less than a year, is now being promoted to editor of InsideOut, their home and garden section. And apparently, Brett Anderson will also be working alongside a second food/dining reporter? the Judy Walker and Todd A. Price dream team will still be on board? but the TP has yet to divulge who will play Kato to Anderson's Green Hornet.

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