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Noodle & Pie Could Open By The First Week of July

Photo: -ENOLA-

Noodle & Pie, 741 State Street
Projected Opening: Early July

There's a lot of construction happening inside the upcoming Noodle & Pie, Uptown's pop-up-to permanent restaurant from Dante's Kitchen allstars Eman Loubier, Brian Armour and pastry chef Kris Bouley, plus sous chef Gustar Martin and FOH manager Armand Gonzazles. According to the Facebooks, Noodle & Pie should be opening in about two weeks, so mark your calendars for what looks to be the beginning of the New Orleans' ramen apocalypse.

Meanwhile, the ghost of pizza past still haunts the exterior of the building with former occupant Reginelli's signature yellow on yellower paint job and the faded hint of signage still lurking above the entrance. Nothing that a little pressure wash and paint job won't take care of. In other news, here's some spanking new Noodle & Pie food porn, certain to make you say holy mackerel.

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Noodle & Pie

741 State Street, New Orleans, LA 70115