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Tutti Frutti, Creole Cottage Coming to Esplanade Ridge

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[Photos: Google Maps/-ENOLA-]

In keeping with the Mid City chain restaurant explosion, it looks like Faubourg St. John/Esplanade Ridge is about to get some some serious franchise fro-yo action too. The former De Blanc Pharmacy (3111 Grand Route St. John) next to the Splish Splash Washateria has signage up for Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. Looks like there's a lot of work to do before the building is ready to house the 585th Tutti Frutti soy-yogurt store in the world, though. There are currently three locations in the New Orleans area.

Next door to the upcoming Tutti Frutti, a restaurant called Creole Cottage Esplanade looks like it's just about ready to open, but the restaurant has absolutely no web presence or seemingly human presence, so their opening date remains a mystery at this time. According to a commenter (eek, we know) the owner is rumored to be Elvira Collins, owner of the health code violations racker upper Montrel's Bistro, which just got evicted from the French Market. But again, that's just a highly questionable rumor.

If you know anything about the owners or opening date of the Creole Cottage Esplanade restaurant, send an email to the tipline.

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