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Camellia Grill Can't Be Called Camellia Grill Anymore

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The Camellia Grill cannot be called the Camellia Grill anymore, reports Richard A. Webster, after a court ruled that owner Hicham Khodr (who open a second location in the Quarter, and also just bought Mahony's with plans to expand to the Quarter) to be in breach of a licensing agreement. Khodr purchased Camellia Grill from Michael Schwartz in 2006. Last year, Schwartz won a lawsuit against Khodr, saying that he used an altered version of the logo and never sent royalty money by it's due date on Janurary 10, 2009.

The Camellia Grill by any other name is still the Camellia Grill. Khodr's greasy spoon is still open, name unknown at this time, though Eater suggests they go by Camel Grill, just a few letters shy of the original (home to a two hump omelet, spitting encouraged?). In the meantime, Khodr plans to appeal to the Louisiana Supreme Court.

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Camellia Grill Uptown

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