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Relations Be Lookin' Bookoo Crazy Up In Brennan's

In case you missed the latest episode of Shit Going Down At Brennan's while you were busy Jazz Festing, Susan Langenhennig reports that the cops were called out on April 26 in the afternoon? before a booked up dinner service? to deal with warring family members vying for control of the big pink lawsuit-plagued restaurant. Per Ms. L:

The squabble at the restaurant was the result of an effort by Owen "Pip" Brennan to wrestle control away from his brother, Ted Brennan, and Ted's daughter, Bridget Brennan Tyrrell, who have managed the place since 2010.

Pip filed a lawsuit last year for $3.8 in unpaid shares that he'd sold back to the business when he retired. On the day of the incident, he called a shareholders meeting to vote Ted and Bridget out of control. Pip wants to control the restaurant with his sons, Blake and Clark.

Apparently Pip and company arrived at the restaurant and "stand off" ensued between both sides (no Quartermaines, intoxicated J.R.s, or vampires were involved), resulting in "some parties" being carted off the premises in hand cuffs.

Langenhennig also reports that to settle the schism, the warring family is temporarily sharing management duties? which attorney's describe as "amicable," as in an utter joy for everybody who works there, including Tyrone and the bookoo chicken boyz dropping it like it's hot? until May 13, when they all have to go before Judge Susie Morgan in U.S. District Court.

Ted and Bridget have now filed a lawsuit against Pip, which "contends that Pip did not have the right to call the shareholders meeting, and does not have voting privileges since he had sold his stock in the restaurant..." On top of all this, the restaurant is set to go up for auction in an Orleans Parish Civil Sheriff's Sale on May 23 for its unpaid debts, even though it was reported in March that the restaurant had reached an 'amicable resolution' with Leggo/4 over their debt.

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Interior at Brennan's. [Photo: Official Site]


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