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What is New Orleans' Best Banh Mi?

Photo: flickr/Paul Broussard NOLA

At the behest of an Eater tipster, it's about time one of New Orleans' most iconic and beloved sandwiches, the banh mi, got some major love, y'all. So for this week's Friday Open Thread, Eater wants to know where you, dearest readers, go for the best banh mi in New Orleans. Or around New Orleans, anyways, because chances are you travel to New Orleans East, the Westbank, or maybe even Kenner, brah, to enjoy a taste of that epic Vietnamese sandwich.

Tell us what's the best banh mi in town, which bakery, restaurant, or store you get your favorite banh mi at, and what's on it... tofu, pate, pork belly... and Eater will do the mapping. Bonus points for noting where the bread is from. Hit the comments or send us an email and have a great weekend.

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