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New Bill Would Create 'World-Class' Culinary School Downtown

According to a report today from Fox 8, a bill that would install a world-class culinary school in the long-vacant Artists' Guild building on Howard Ave. in downtown New Orleans is waiting for final approval from the Louisiana Legislature. The bill would "immediately enhance" all the hard work the Delgado Culinary School has done over the last 95 (!) years to provide New Orleans with a steady stream of trained cooks and kitchen managers by giving the school a brand-new downtown home. It would also bolster other community colleges across the state.

In the big picture, proponents of the bill hope that it will help Delgado compete with the big dogs?the Culinary Institute and the famed Cordon Bleu. From Fox 8:

"They've got a great school already. This would expand it, and other schools would play a part, including UNO and Tulane," said Sen. Ed Murray, whose bill would fund the $9 million culinary school at the site of the defunct Artists' Guild building on Howard Avenue.

The school is envisioned to capitalize on New Orleans' food reputation and draw in students who might otherwise go to world-famous cooking schools like the Culinary Institute or Cordon Bleu.

"We would put it downtown, and put Delgado's name on the map worldwide," said Murray.

So everyone's thrilled about turning New Orleans into a culinary Athens of food learning, right? Well, not everyone?some critics worry that the Legislature might not actually have the funds to make the $9 million Delgado Culinary School happen. Ah, but the new school won't just be funded with public money! The bill's proponents say the new Delgado Culinary School dream project will receive some private funding, because knowledge is power.

· Bill to establish world-class culinary institute heads for final passage [Fox 8]

Louisiana State Capitol [Photo: Wiki Commons]