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Judge Pumps the Brakes on Brennan's Foreclosure

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The Brennan's Restaurant Saga continues on its way to (fingers crossed!) an eventual Lifetime movie called Brother Mine: The Breannan's Betrayal (working title). According to the Times-Pics's Susan Langenhennig, the famed Royal Street dining institution has yet again been yanked off the auction block after a judge on Wednesday called for a halt to foreclosure proceedings.

According to Langenhennig, Orleans Parish Civil District Court Judge Piper D. Griffin issued a "preliminary injunction stopping the Brennan's property at 417-425 Royal St. from being part of an Orleans Parish sheriff's sale set for Thursday, May 23." You may recall that Brennan's foreclosure woes started to surface late in 2012, with news that the restaurant would hit the auction block on Dec. 13, 2012 thanks to a petition filed by a company called Leggo/4, which gobbled up Brennan's three unpaid mortgages from First NBC Bank in April of that same year. At the time, the Times-Pic reported that Leggo/4 was suing the restaurant for an unpaid mortgage debt of $4.1 million. Yikes.

So, has a Brennan's crisis been temporarily avoided? Maybe, although there's still a whole mess of sibling drama, as brothers Ted and Owen "Pip" Brennan duke it out for control of the eponymous restaurant their father Owen E. Brennan founded more than 60 years ago. Judge Griffin's injunction is also subject to Pip Brennan being able to pay a $150,000 bond in the case by, oh, right about now (10:00 am, synchronize your watches) on this fine Thursday morning.

Pip sought the injunction, but if he fails to post bond today, the sale will move forward.

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