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Times-Picayune Changes Stolen Handle to Nola Dining

Yesterday Eater reported that The Times-Picayune kind of/sort of stole Leslie J. Almieda's Nola Eats handle and hashtag to use for crowd sourcing food porn and reviews via Twitter and Instragram. As of yesterday evening, however, the paper has dropped NOLAEats like it's hot and will now use @NOLADining and #noladining to source their public porn addiction. While it's impossible to own a hashtag, #nolaeats has long been associated with Leslie J. Almieda, editor of Propaganda New Orleans and founder of social dining groupNOLA Eats, which she established nearly a decade ago.

The now updated crowd-sourcing article on has a new title, and the editors have also changed every single photo in the updated article, which were previously all tagged and wrangled from #nolaeats. An editor's note also reads, "Our goal is to have a lively conversation about dining in South Louisiana. To avoid confusion, we are now tweeting from @NOLADining." To avoid confusion? Erm, their twitter account is now and called NOLADining but also still shows up as @NOLAEats... while another page has also been created by the Times-Pic at called NOLADining.

Leslie J. Almieda also released this public statement:


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