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San Francisco's Pizzetta 211 Heading to The Marigny

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Eater SF reports that San Francisco based restaurant, Pizzetta 211, is expanding to New Orleans. Per editor Allie Pape: "Owner Jack Murphy and his girlfriend Susan Dunn are teaming up with Dunn's brother Ed, a chef who's worked at the likes of Commander's Palace and Emeril's, to open the tentatively named Paladar 511 in a mixed-use development and former sock factory in the Bywater neighborhood." Actually, the building is located at 511 Marigny (in the Marigny) and is the former home of the quasi-crusty nonprofits Iron Rail Book Collective and Plan B, the New Orleans Community Bike Project, who were both evicted back in 2011 for allegedly not having proper business permits.

As for Paladar 511, the restaurant will have more than 2,100 square feet, a full bar, charcuterie program, emphasis on whole-animal cookery, "as well as the mothership's signature open kitchen" plus pizza, pizza, and more pizza. The restaurant is scheduled to open by the end of the year.

UPDATE: Plan B and Iron Rail were not evicted, but reportedly shut down by the NOPD (possibly illegally) for not having the proper business permits to operate at the 511 Marigny location. From the Plan B website: "Plan B was contacted by high-ranking officials within the city government within three days of the meeting and was allowed to (quite legally) re-open shortly thereafter." They now operate their non-profit at1024 Esplanade Ave, and continue to help and improve the community through their programs.

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Palador 511

511 Marigny St., New Orleans, LA 70117