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Chill Out! Mr. Chill Bringing Dogs, Pastries to Broadmoor

Wilbert Wilson aka Mr. Chill has obtained City Council's nod of approval to open Mr. Chill's Broadmoor Dogs and Sweet Pastries, reports Robert Morris of the Uptown Messenger. The new shop will open next month, located inside the original location of Mr. Chill's first barbershop, at the corner of S. Derbigny and General Pershing, which flooded with 10 feet of water after Katrina forcing him to finally relocate to his current S. Carrollton location. Of the new shop, Mr. Chill tells Morris, "You can get you a hot dog and you can get you some sweets." But he also says he wants to do something good for the Broadmoor neighborhood, including running cultural programs that help the community.

Mr. Chill is going to split his time between his hotdog/pastry shop and his barber shop, which, as Morris reports, "was hailed as one of many signs of the New Orleans' rebirth" after opening post-Katrina. Council members Jackie Clarkson, Stacy Head, Susan Guidry and LaToya Cantrell have called Wilson a "pillar of the community," as he has offered LEAP tutoring at his barber shop, and many positive cultural events, especially for kids. But Mr. Chill has no ego, y'all, saying, "I was just 'Chill' when I was in Broadmoor, but after the storm I became 'Mr. Chill' because of what the Broadmoor community has done for me."

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[Photos: Google Maps/New Orleans City Council]