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Brennan's Brennans Face Off in Court This Week

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The Big Pink is taking its legendary Infightin' Irish show on the road today. Yes, The Associated Press via The TP reports that U.S. District Judge Susie Morgan will hear the fightin' words from Owen "Pip" Brennan and Ted Brennan, the sons of Brennan's founder, Owen Edward Brennan, this Monday and Tuesday, as the brothers battle for control of the famed restaurant on Royal Street.

Ted Brennan and his daughter, Bridget Brennan Tyrell, are seeking a court order barring Ted's brother, Owen "Pip" Brennan and his two sons, Blake and Clark, from "taking any action under the guise of being a shareholder" or even entering Brennan's. Pip had called a shareholders meeting on April 26? even though he sold his shares in 2010? hoping to oust Ted and Bridget, which then led to a stand-off at the restaurant and Pip's posse leaving in handcuffs. Ted and Bridget claim they are the only shareholders, but Pip claims he has never been paid for his shares, and therefore still entitled to his voting authority.

Per The Times-Pic, Pip's sons, Blake and Clark, managed Brennan's from 1995 to 2005 when Katrina struck, leaving the building heavily damaged and their plans for expansion thwarted. Here's where it gets shady though: Blake and Clark claim that right before the storm, Uncle Ted told them "they would never be anything but employees of the restaurant and should leave if they weren't satisfied," so apparently they did. But Ted's lawyers claim that Blake and Clark abandoned their positions "without notice" in March 2006, and Ted and Bridget have been running the restaurant since then. Ted and his now deceased brother, James, also voted to remove Pip as an officer of Brennan's Inc.

Now, Ted claims that Pip didn't have the right to call that shareholders meeting on April 26, but Pip claims Ted has no right to vote either "because creditors seized his shares last month." Oh, snap. Speaking of creditors, the restaurant needs to figure out who is running the show? currently Ted's son, Teddy, and Pip's son, Blake, are comanaging, though maybe they should "give it to Tyrone, " as the kitchen says? because they are facing foreclosure, aight? The restaurant has millions in debt and are scheduled to go back on the auction block on May 23.

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