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McNulty & Gold: Pizza Delicious Keeps It Real, Bywater

Ian McNulty deems 'pizza geeks' and NYC transplants Mike Friedman and Greg Augarten as having THE place for New York-style pizza in New Orleans a.k.a. Pizza Delicious. After a kickstarter campaign helped turned the Bywater-based pizza pop up into a real life brick and mortar operation, the duo is continuing to build their reputation for creating awesome thin-crust specialty pies, salads and pastas that McNulty says, "far exceed pizza parlor standards." Lunch and dinner diners can find handy slices of cheese, pepperoni, and Margherita pizza, but Mcnulty suggests:

To experience Pizza Delicious eat a whole pie through its entire lifespan — hot from the oven when the cheese is gooey, a little later as the grease settles in, and then a cold slice lifted from the leftovers box and reheated the following day.

Wait, there's a man on Earth who heats up the cold slice before he eats it? Yeah you right, McNulty. [Gambit]

The Advocate's resident carnivore Scott Gold also reviews Pizza Delicious this week, calling them the "the real deal" with about "20 specialty pies, two at any given time... available by the pie or the slice." Per Gold:

As a decade-long Brooklyn resident, I can attest that a visit to Pizza Delicious will result in a true-to-form New York pie: Generously-sized triangles of thin, perfectly crispy dough topped with just the right amount of sauce, cheese and toppings, with the option to spike your pie to your liking with red pepper flakes, garlic powder, or parmesan.

Gold also fawns over PD's "elegant" salads, handmade pastas (FYI, they're a steal), cookies, and garlic knots. PD has local craft beers on tap, Italian wines, and Toulouse red absinthe too, so even if you don't take home leftovers, at least you can leave with a buzz. [Advocate]

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